810.20 Defense/11–2946

The Ambassador in Paraguay ( Beaulac ) to the Secretary of State

No. 2296

Sir: I have the honor respectfully to call the Department’s attention to a report from the Military Attaché19 dated November 23, 1946 entitled, “Probable purchases of arms and equipment from foreign countries and reaction to continued non-receipt of military equipment from United States,” in which Colonel Pearson tells of conversations with Paraguayan military men concerning Paraguay’s failure to date to receive military equipment from the United States following staff conversations between our two governments.

It is becoming more and more evident that unless Paraguay receives arms from the United States within a reasonable period of time and in adequate quantity, it will have no recourse but to purchase some arms abroad.

I agree with the Military Attaché that failure to implement the staff conversations will have some effect on relations between Paraguay and the United States. I cannot believe that that effect will be good.

Respectfully yours,

Willard L. Beaulac
  1. Lt. Col. Harold J. Pearson.