The Ambassador in Paraguay (Beaulac) to the Secretary of State

No. 1641

Sir: I have the honor to report that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Antonio Taboada, told me yesterday that he had recounted my conversation with him concerning Congressional elections (see my despatch no. 1608 dated April 11, 1946, Subject: “Reporting a series of conversations I have had with the new Foreign Minister concerning matters pending between our governments and matters of interest to the two governments”) at the last meeting of the Council of Ministers. The President had authorized him, in the presence of the other members of the Council, to tell me that elections for Congress will be called this year. I asked the Minister whether that meant that elections would be held this year. He said he did not know. I said that the President had told me that elections would be held this year. He said that he did not believe that the President was as precise as that in his statement before the Council.

I asked him concerning the Government’s plans with respect to participation in elections by the Liberal Party. He said that the President had said that the Party would be allowed to participate but that certain party leaders would be charged with offenses against the State, and their cases would be placed before the courts. He was not able to enlarge further on the subject except to say that some of the Liberal leaders already were charged with common offenses.

I intend to let the matter of Congressional elections rest for a while, unless the President gives me an opportunity to bring it up. I am fearful that in the present political situation any further conversations I may have with the President will be interpreted by his opponents as pressure by the Government of the United States and used against the President.

Respectfully yours,

Willard L. Beaulac