832.24/3–2146: Telegram

The Chargé in Argentina (Cabot) to the Secretary of State

820. Press release dated March 14 Argentine Commerce Department emphasizes that critical inland transportation problem arising from scarcity of tires seriously interferes with movement grains to ports, that arrangements with UNRRA provide for substitution of 3,500 tons corn now at ports for equal amount of wheat and that 15,000 tons wheat will be exchanged for sugar and tires from Brazil. First shipment of 7,800 tons wheat to Brazil scheduled March 18 via Rio Chubut which expects return with 6,000 tons sugar and 3,000 truck tires. Press comments indicate 10,000 tires involved in barter arrangement allotted as follows: Firestone 2,900; Goodyear 2,220; Brazil 1,800; Pirelli 3,330; Dunlop 950; Atlas 600; US Rubber 200.