812.5018/5–1546: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico (Messersmith) to the Secretary of State


381. Before leaving Mexico tonight for Buenos Aires40 I wish to emphasize what I said in Washington in early April with regard to the needs of Mexico for wheat and corn. I wish to recall that I stated to the President and to the Secretary and to Secretary Anderson, Secretary Wallace, and to Assistant Secretaries Clayton and Braden that if Mexico does not receive a minimum of 1,200,000 bushels of wheat per month thru July, grave economic situations will develop in this country which will in the course of a few months inescapably lead to political disorder and lead to a deterioration of our relationships with this country which will inevitably affect our relationships with the rest of the Americas. I stated at the time that I realized the world needs with respect to wheat, but that I did not believe the American people would forgive our Government for creating a situation which would develop in economic disasters and political disorders on our border.

The info which I have so far is to the effect that the allocations and deliveries are well below the rate of 1,200,000 bushels per month thru May, and I feel it my duty to again bring this situation to the attention of the Department, and I would appreciate the President being sent a copy of this telegram as well as Secretary Anderson.41

  1. Ambassador Messersmith was to assume the position of Ambassador in Argentina.
  2. Marginal note by the Political Economist, Division of Mexican Affairs (MacLean) reads: “Am Emb inf. by telephone Mex City on 5/20/46 that Ag. is giving 1,000,000 bu. wheat 500,000 bu. corn for May. MA: W. G. MacLean”.