612.006/1–2446: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Mexico ( Messersmith )


72. urtel 54, Jan 22.20 Ref projected import control discussions Mon. Dept recognizes fully excellent efforts of Emb but believes time has come for strongest formal representations to Mex Govt, particularly in view flood protests by affected U.S. interests.

Unless objection is perceived, therefore, formal note in strong terms should be prepared for presentation on Mon by Ambassador to MinFonAff. Copy could also be used by other Emb officers in projected discussions with other officials. Note should refer to specific provisions trade agreement, assurances given with respect to operation of controls, manner in which they have apparently not been carried out, US Govt expectation of firm statement by Mex Govt confirming intention to fulfill its international obligations under trade agreement, followed by action to that end. If Emb desires, draft text could be discussed with Dept by telephone.

Moreover, unless Emb perceives serious objection, Dept proposes to have high officer call on Mex Ambassador in near future to present strong note in similar terms as means of reinforcing Emb’s efforts. Your reaction to this proposal requested urgently.21

  1. Not printed; in it the Ambassador reported that the Mexican Under Secretary of the Treasury promised to discuss the entire question of import controls with Embassy representatives beginning the following Monday morning (612.006/1–2246).
  2. In despatch 28,194, January 29, 1946, Ambassador Messersmith expressed his opinion that “no useful purpose would be served by making a formal protest at this time” and that by conversations with the Mexican officials they could secure elimination from the Treasury lists of most of the articles therein.