832.61311/3–146: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Brazil (Daniels)


296. In reply to urgent request presented by Braz Emb yesterday for emergency shipments of wheat from US to Brazil in March to be deducted from Brazil’s eventual wheat allocation, Dept informed Emb this morning as follows:

[Page 118]

Dept took up strongly question of emergency shipment of wheat from US for Brazil in general wheat meeting yesterday afternoon. Argentine representative there stated that only the day before he had urgently recommended to his Govt that Argentina send emergency shipment of wheat to Brazil. While US Govt wishes to help, situation is such that before any steps are taken to secure wheat here we must know whether Argentine Govt is going to act on above mentioned request. Dept suggests that Braz Emb here get in touch immediately with Braz Emb in Buenos Aires to press Argentine Govt for favorable action on recommendation sent by Argentine representative here.7

  1. In a note of March 14, 1946, the Brazilian Embassy reported that negotiations with Argentine authorities were stalled and renewed the request for emergency shipments (832.61311/3–1446).