The American Ambassador in Mexico ( Thurston ) to the Mexican Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Castillo Nájera )24

No. 329

I have the honor to refer again to Your Excellency’s courteous Note No. 57298 of July 22, 1946, concerning the termination of the Military Agreement of 1943 between the Governments of Mexico and the United States, and to my acknowledgment thereof dated July 31, 1946,25 in which Your Excellency was informed that appropriate instructions were being requested.

I am able now to inform Your Excellency that while it is the view of my Government that by its terms the Agreement does not terminate until six months after the conclusion of peace, immediate termination thereof by an exchange of notes, in conformity with the wishes of the Government of Mexico, is agreeable, and the necessary authority has been conferred upon me.

However, I am instructed to inform Your Excellency that termination of the Agreement will not relieve Mexican residents of the United States from their obligations under the Selective Training and Service Act. This is of special importance in view of present plans of the Selective Service System for further inductions into the armed forces during the month of September for which alien residents of the United States, including Mexican nationals, as well as citizens of the United States, will be liable.

I shall be pleased to receive an expression of Your Excellency’s views and to be advised as to whether the Government of Mexico wishes immediate termination of the Agreement regardless of the consideration described in the preceding paragraph or prefers a postponement to a later date.

Accept [etc.]

Walter Thurston
  1. Copy transmitted to the Department in despatch 1720, November 8, 1946, from Mexico City, not printed.
  2. Neither printed.