The Assistant Secretary of State for American Republic Affairs (Braden) to the Mexican Ambassador (Espinosa de los Monteros)16

My Dear Tony: I refer to our conversation of Friday, May 3, in my office in the Department regarding the matter of the payment of Lend-Lease furnished Mexico under the agreements executed in 1942 and 1943. A very careful and exhaustive search has been made of the record of the negotiations covering these agreements, and neither the record nor the recollection of those engaged in the negotiations indicate any intention to waive the payments set forth in the agreements, nor that such payments were to be made from reparations due or received from the former Axis powers.

All of the Lend-Lease agreements with the American Republics were of substantially the same tenor, and payments due under the agreements have been received regularly from most of them over the past few years.

Sincerely yours,

Spruille Braden
  1. Handed by Assistant Secretary Braden to the Mexican Ambassador on July 8, 1946.