The Under Secretary of State ( Acheson ) to the Ambassador in Mexico ( Messersmith )


Dear George: Thank you very much for your letter under date of January 12, 1946, in which you review the Mexican political situation and our relationship to it. …

There are certain principal points that have occurred to us upon careful study of your letter and of certain subsequent developments which you have reported in other communications.

[Here follows comment on the incident at León, Guanajuato, as it concerned the Mexican political situation.]
The belief which you state prevails in Mexico that, no matter what happens, irrespective of the methods used in the elections, we will necessarily recognize any imposed winner may yet force us into taking some steps to clarify our position.
We have of course in many recent speeches made our position perfectly clear. In part, it was contained in essence in the paragraph of our secret circular of November 1, 1944,8 respecting:

“the self-evident truth that the Government and the people of the United States cannot help but feel a greater affinity and a warmer friendship for these Governments which rest upon the periodically and freely expressed consent of the governed.”

The rest of the position may be stated, in brief, as our firm feeling that these political matters are purely domestic to Mexico, and that we have no right, nor intention, to take any part therein. Nevertheless, it would be unfortunate to have to make a statement of this sort pointed at Mexico.
While the Department has made clear its position with respect to contributions being requested of or being made by firms owned by American citizens, it appears from your letter that contributions may have been made by certain Americans, even though these may be few in number.

As you are aware, we feel very strongly that no American citizen or company should be permitted to make campaign contributions or otherwise to intervene in domestic Mexican political affairs. We should accordingly welcome your suggestions in regard to handling the cases of those few irresponsible individuals who may be currently involved—whether by reiterating our stand in a public speech, issuing an Embassy press release, calling in the individuals in question, or otherwise.

With many thanks for your letter, believe me,

Sincerely yours,

Dean Acheson
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