Memorandum of Conversation, by the Assistant Chief of the Division of Caribbean and Central American Affairs (Newbegin)

Participants: Señor Dr. Don Julián E. Cáceres, Ambassador of Honduras
Spruille Braden, Assistant Secretary
Robert Newbegin, Assistant Chief, Division of Caribbean and Central American Affairs.

Ambassador Cáceres called to present to Assistant Secretary Braden, a note21 requesting the assistance of this Government in effecting the reorganization of the Honduran Army. The Ambassador referred to his conversation of August 13 with Mr. Braden when he had requested assistance in obtaining military equipment and was informed that it was not available at that time. He explained that following this conversation, the note which he was delivering together with its enclosure, signed by Dr. Silverio Laínez, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Dr. Juan Manuel Galvez, Minister of War, was prepared in cooperation with the American Military Mission. Mr. Braden told him that he would be glad to study the note and its recommendations.

R[obert] N[ewbegin]
  1. Not printed.