The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Haiti ( Tittmann )


272. Embs reports show govt revenues and foreign trade balance highest for many years and Dept sees no justification drastic proposal described urtel 384 Sept 18.65 Please advise Foreign Minister informally Dept knows no reason Haiti should not make necessary arrangements meet contractual obligations in full except when specific arrangements previously made with creditors for departure from that principle, pursuant practice past years. This practice in case of [Page 934] 6 percent bonds described Deptel 264 Sept. 13.66 Instructions for formal reply will be transmitted to Embassy upon receipt of Haitian note.

Emb also requested inquire whether global budget mentioned urgram 321 Sept 1066 includes expenditures for amortizations. Dept believes these amts should properly be included, pursuant article 5 para (a) Executive Agreement Sept 13, 1941.

  1. Not printed; in it Ambassador Tittmann reported on receipt of a note of September 16 from the Haitian Foreign Minister describing Haitian financial and economic situations and requesting a moratorium for the coming fiscal year on the 1922 loan, as well as J. G. White and SHADA obligations (838.51/9–1846).
  2. Not printed.
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