838.5211/9–946: Telegram

The Chargé in Haiti (Mooers) to the Secretary of State


371. Following definite opinions received verbally from FonMin (refer numbered items Deptel 240, August 21):

Items 1 and 2 already answered by Ambassador Wilson while Department.

Articles 6 and 13 would not apply to foreign individuals or companies under circumstances given by Department. FonMin considers that a firm owned by a foreigner and doing business in Haiti if employing a Haitian manager and Haitian foreman would meet requirements of article 13; also that employment of Haitian foreman alone might be sufficient (Embdes 1669, August 30).
Small industries clause removed from article when voted (refer same despatch).
Considers article D title 11 extremely vague and unsound and assures me this sentiment is shared by all responsible members of Govt who support fully article 28 providing for non-retroactivity of laws.

Embassy hopes receive by 14th final texts of all articles voted to date. These not yet printed.