810.348/10–1146: Circular airgram

The Acting Secretary of State to Diplomatic Representatives in Certain American Republics28


The following naval aircraft have been approved by the Department and by the Navy Department for inclusion in the interim arms programs for the countries indicated, subject to availability through surplus property channels.

No. Type Country
20 OS2U (“Kingfisher”—scout observation) Uruguay
2 JRF (“Goose”—utility transport)
6 N3N (primary trainer) Mexico
8 PV–2 (“Harpoon”—medium patrol bomber”) Peru
3 PV–2 (“Harpoon”—medium patrol bomber) Chile
2 JRF (“Goose”—utility transport) Brazil
1 JRF (“Goose”—utility transport) Venezuela

The aircraft listed above represent the maximum number of naval aircraft which the Navy will be able to make available for the present program. It is very likely that of the above allocations the Navy Department may be able to make available for the present program only the OS2U’s for Uruguay, the PV–2’s for Peru and the PV–2’s for Chile. In view of the uncertain supply situation, it is requested that discussions of this program be confined to Washington, and that the Embassy take no action to notify the respective govts in the premises.

  1. The diplomatic representatives in Uruguay, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Brazil, and Venezuela.