740.22112A/5–746: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Ecuador (Shaw)


221. Depcirtel May 15.67 Since date of complete withdrawal of PL is so close is believed best to follow present policy of requesting consultation with Ecuadoran Govt in individual cases of unblocking. Complete withdrawal of list for Ecuador (urdes 4175 May 7) much, if any, before June 30 would be mechanically impossible and would give rise to problems re similar action with regard to other Amer Republics.

Dept believes it will soon be in position to authorize you to inform [Page 870] Ecuadoran Govt that PL will be withdrawn on or about June 30. When giving this info you could again request Ecuadoran Govt (Paragraph 3, page 3 urdes 4175) to continue blocking of funds of Clemente Baquerizo and others until individual cases can be reviewed and mutual agreement reached.

  1. Not printed; it indicated that a date for withdrawal of the Proclaimed list had not been set, but that June 30, 1946, was a likely day (740.00112A.EW/5–1546).