811.24522/7–346: Telegram

The Ambassador in Ecuador (Scotten) to they Secretary of State


355. Just returned from Galápagos ceremony, which was carried out in atmosphere harmony and goodwill both sides. Ecuadoran delegation royally entertained by American Army. Adequate quarters on base with electricity, water, etc., furnished small Ecuadoran contingent [Page 856] consisting 10 men, 3 officers: During my 2 day stay I had frequent conversations with Minister of Treasury46 who represented this Government; Political Adviser of Foreign Offices and Ecuadoran Navy and Air Force Officials, and they unanimously expressed desire we remain and maintain base. Both Minister of Treasury and Foreign Office Adviser expressed belief some form military agreement could be arrived at promptly, providing maintenance base would be without cost to Ecuador.

I will press this matter with Minister of Foreign Affairs; but as he is in bed with grippe, it may be few days before I can determine how matters stand. Minister of Treasury informed me he was delighted to have seen base with own eyes, as he now realized Ecuadoran Government could not maintain it “one week” with its own resources and he felt its maintenance essential for hemisphere defense.

  1. Enrique Arizaga Toral.