Memorandum by Mr. Henry Dearborn of the Division of North and West Coast Affairs39


Colonel Eiseman40 informed me today that the Navy has completed its withdrawal from the Galápagos, and the War Department’s withdrawal is 80 per cent accomplished. General Crittenberger has stated that the Base is being left in a presentable condition, and he has communicated with Ambassador Scotten regarding the ceremony to take place on or about July 1.

The procedure on the installations to be left behind will be for War to inform FLC that it is abandoning the property. FLC will then decide whether it is saleable. If not, FLC will simply write it off.

Colonel Eiseman suggests that the California fishing fleets might wish to use the buildings as quarters during their trips to the Galápagos, and that this would at least keep “operation horsefeathers” from being put into effect. He thought the fishermen might be informally [Page 853] advised on this so that they could approach FLC before it is too late. I replied that certain talks were now in progress which make it inadvisable to approach the fishermen at this time.

  1. Addressed to NWC: Mr. Wells, and to ARA: Mr. Briggs.
  2. Lt. Col. Douglas Eiseman, Operations Division, War Department.