822.248/2–1946: Telegram

The Ambassador in Ecuador (Scotten) to the Secretary of State


97. Lt. Colonel Mitchell and Major Brown of US Army Air Forces are here at present discussing in general terms the public relations phases of the program of implementation of the bilateral staff conversations so far as deliveries of aircraft to Ecuador and other countries are concerned. In the course of the discussions it developed that Colombia has received a few airplanes and Peru is about to receive some whereas Ecuador has received none. The Department is, of course, aware of the permanent tension between Ecuador and Peru and I feel I should stress the bad feeling which would be caused in Ecuador if news is received that Peru is receiving these planes prior to any being delivered to Ecuador.

To avoid this feeling I would suggest that the Department stress to the War Department the political implications of any unequal distribution with the view to having the deliveries of these planes proceed at least as regards Ecuador and Peru on a fairly uniform schedule.