The Ambassador in the Dominican Republic (Butler) to the Secretary of State

No. 46

Sir: With reference to the Department’s confidential instruction no. 2 of September 25, 1946 and the Embassy’s despatch no. 1176 of August 18 [13]48 relative to the sponsored introduction of Communism into the Dominican Republic, I have the honor to report that President Trujillo already appears to have reversed his position of favoring the presence of the Communist Party in the Republic. Even sponsored opposition appears too strong a dose for the Dictator, particularly since he feels that it may get out of hand. As a result his ardor toward the Communists has cooled rapidly; his press is attacking Communism in general; his political party is instructing members to be on the alert against it, and his henchmen have started molesting individuals, in the press and personally.

[Here follows a series of illustrations of the Dominican Government’s attitude toward Communists.]

My views on abstaining from local politics and on receiving persons freely who wish to consult me may be having a favorable effect since they provide another indication that the Embassy is not inclined to play hand in glove with Trujillo.

Respectfully yours,

George H. Butler
  1. Neither printed.