839.30 Missions/9–446

The Chargé in the Dominican Republic ( Scherer ) to the Secretary of State

No. 1228

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the Department’s confidential instruction no. 700 of August 22, 1946 (file no. 839.30 Missions/6–2446)39 in connection with the possible renewal of the Agreement of January 25, 1943 for a United States Naval Mission in this Republic. It is noted that Ambassador Garcia Godoy proposed a renewal for an additional period of four years in note no. 1827 of June 24, 1946.39 The Department mentions that Ambassador Butler will study the question after his arrival here and will make recommendations.

In view of the United States Government’s basic policy toward the Trujillo regime of aloof and correct conduct, avoiding undue cordiality, and of the probable belief of the Dominican people that a United States Naval Mission here constitutes a measure of American support of President Trujillo, it would be desirable, if practicable, to permit the Agreement of January 25, 1943 to expire without renewal. One of the factors which make us appear to support Trujillo is the need, once a Mission is established, to keep it functioning; among other things, by providing planes and equipment.

Although it may appear desirable to discontinue the Mission here, it may not be practicable to do so since the field would then be left open for missions from other countries, an eventuality that would be most unfortunate. It is the Embassy’s opinion that Trujillo would be inclined to make prompt efforts to obtain a military or air mission from another country if he were rebuffed in his attempt to renew the [Page 826] existing agreement. The removal of the United States Marines, for whom in general he has respect and even affection, might well prove a bitter blow, which he would attempt to remedy by the importation of another foreign mission.40

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Respectfully yours,

George F. Scherer
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  3. A note of December 18, 1946, to the Dominican Ambassador, read in part: “I regret to inform you that this Government deems it inadvisable to extend beyond the present termination date of January 25, 1947 the Agreement of January 25, 1943 …” (839.30 Missions/6–2446)

    Ambassador Butler was informed of this action in instruction 91, December 18, 1946, which stated:

    “In the event that any issue of alleged discrimination should be raised by Dominican officials, you may at your discretion state that the action of this Government in not renewing the Naval Mission Agreement is based on considerations of general policy toward regimes which do not derive their authority from the freely expressed consent of the governed.” (839.30 Missions/11–2746)