839.24/1–3046: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil (Berle)


178. Reference Ciudad Trujillo’s telegram 37 Jan 30 4 pm repeated to you; copy of Caracas’ despatch 8303 Jan 17 sent you; and urtel 3285 Oct 31, 1945 11 am.27 Please investigate discreetly reports Dominican [Page 821] Govt has obtained or may endeavor through Dominican delegation at Dutra inauguration28 to obtain arms from Brazil, perhaps as result of alleged contribution by Trujillo to Dutra’s campaign fund. Should reports appear correct, you may in your discretion, inform appropriate Brazilian officials confidentially that Dominican Govt recently requested large amount of arms and ammunition from this country and that these requests were rejected because of our policy not to furnish munitions to Dominican Govt at present time since in our estimation they could be used only in conflict with Haiti or against Dominican people.29 It would be desirable if Brazil could follow same course of action.

Please report simultaneously to Dept and AmEmb, Ciudad Trujillo.

  1. None printed.
  2. Eurico Gaspar Dutra was inaugurated President of Brazil, January 31, 1946.
  3. Telegram 223, February 15, 8 p.m., to Rio de Janeiro, referred to continuing rumors that Dominicans were endeavoring to obtain rifles and ammunition from the Brazilian Government, and the Ambassador was instructed as follows: “Unless therefore you perceive some reason to contrary it is suggested that you mention the matter in confidence to appropriate Brazilian officials along the lines of Deptel 178, Feb 5, 1 p.m.” (839.24/2–846).