837.61351/2–2046: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Cuba (Norweb)

u.s. urgent

128. For Norregaard21 from Barnes.22 Please transmit in my behalf the following communication to Cuban Sugar Institute.23

“Pursuant to agreements reached in discussions with Cuban Embassy and Combined Food Board, this Corporation agreeable to accepting interim deliveries of approximately 24,250,000 gallons of blackstrap molasses from the 1946 Cuban sugar crop in quantities equitably proportioned between deepwater ports and outports. …

It is understood that any deliveries made during the interim period shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the 1945 purchase contract with the exception of the sugar price escalator clause. Settlements shall be made on basis of 13.6 cents. Nevertheless, this interim arrangement shall be subject to the terms of a definitive 1946 contract now being negotiated.

It is important that considerable quantities be made available at deepwater ports at the earliest possible time. Vessels now available must be released within a few days to other services unless molasses cargoes are known to be available.”

  1. Nelson Norregaard, representative of the Commodity Credit Corporation, United States Department of Agriculture, in Cuba.
  2. Stuart K. Barnes, Executive Director, Office of Defense Supplies, Reconstruction Finance Corporation.
  3. Cuban Sugar Stabilization Institute, a government agency established to supervise the production and export of sugar.