The Secretary of State to Brigadier General Kenner F. Hertford, War Department


My Dear General Hertford: I refer to the letter of January 9, 1946, from Assistant Secretary Braden to Under Secretary Royall concerning the allocation of certain military aircraft to the other American republics. The letter under reference approved the so-called “adjusted interim allocation” of aircraft to American republics, except that no planes are to be offered for the present to Argentina, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua and Paraguay, and subject to the concurrence of the American Ambassador concerned as well as to the desire of each country to receive the full number of planes so approved.

This is to inform you that the concurrence of the American Ambassador concerned has been received for the allocations to the following countries: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru. The American Ambassador to El Salvador has requested elimination from the allocation to that country of the two AT–6’s, and the substitution of Basic Trainers for them. The American Ambassador to Panama has agreed that no planes should be allocated to Panama at this time. The American Ambassador to Venezuela has requested that no B–25’s or P–47’s be made available to Venezuela and that only 3 G–47’s and 5 C–45’s be offered, at this time.

The desires of the other governments cannot of course be ascertained until negotiations on price and other details are completed. However, we can inform you that Uruguayan representatives in Washington have indicated a desire to substitute 15 AT–6’s and 10 AT–11’s for the bombers and fighters originally proposed and to acquire an additional 50 PT–19’s or PT–27’s.

It is our understanding that this letter constitutes final approval for the allocation to other American republics of the number of aircraft listed in the Army Air Force’s so-called “533 program” as modified above.

Sincerely yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Ellis O. Briggs

Director, Office of American Republic Affairs