The Acting Secretary of State to the Cuban Ambassador (Belt)

The Acting Secretary of State presents his compliments to His Excellency the Ambassador of Cuba and has the honor to refer to his note No. 207 of May 15, 194627 requesting assistance in obtaining equipment for the Air Corps of the Cuban Army.

The Department understands from the War Department that no 37mm or 20mm automatic aircraft guns are available from surplus property. The other equipment desired by the Air Corps of the Cuban Army is believed to be available from property earmarked for allocation under a program designed to supply military material to Cuba. However, it is noted that this Government has not as yet received any [Page 712] reimbursement for the materials furnished to Cuba under the Lend-Lease Agreement, and the Government of the United States feels that it would be difficult to justify, to the Congress and to the people of this country, the release of further military equipment to Cuba as long as that situation exists.28 The policy of the Government of the United States in this respect was communicated orally to Señor José Barón, Minister Counselor of the Cuban Embassy, by an officer of the Department on March 13, 1946.

  1. Not printed.
  2. The Acting Assistant Chief of the Division of Caribbean Affairs (Walker) noted in a memorandum of October 29, concerning the interest of the Cuban Government in obtaining 1,500,000 rounds of rifle ammunition, that he had told Captain Efrain Hernández that he hoped the lend lease account would soon be settled in order that the provisions of the Interim Arms Program for Cuba could be implemented; he explained that the Cuban Army would be furnished with a quantity of ammunition under the program and that if any additional ammunition was needed, consideration would be given to requests from the Cuban Government (711.00111 Armament Control/12–2946).