The Acting Secretary of War (Royall) to the Under Secretary of State (Acheson)


My Dear Mr. Acheson: Yesterday General of the Army Henry H. Arnold discussed with the President the furnishing of arms and equipment, including AT–6, AT–11 and B–25 aircraft, to certain of the South American Republics, and General Arnold was advised that aircraft could be immediately furnished in the numbers agreed to in the recent bilateral staff conversations with these Republics.

In accordance with this discussion the War Department proposes to proceed to transfer to all of these certain South American Republics, except Argentina, Nicaragua and Paraguay, AT–6s and AT–11s and possibly B–25s, as well as the other types of planes approved by the State Department.

Since this course of action is contrary to the recommendation contained in your letter of 4 January 1946, I hasten to advise you, in order that you may if you desire arrange further discussions of this [Page 88] matter before General Arnold leaves for South America on Wednesday, 9 January.

The War Department does not plan without prior discussion with the State Department to depart from the other conditions and matters of policy set out in your letter of 19 December 1945 to the Secretary of War and your letter of 4 January 1946 to me.

Sincerely yours,

Kenneth C. Royall