The Acting Secretary of State to the Costa Rican Ambassador ( Gutiérrez )


Excellency: I have the honor to transmit herewith two copies each of Statement LL–9 and supporting schedules17 reporting charges made against Your Excellency’s Government during the period from March 1, 1946 through May 31, 1946, covering defense matériel transferred in accordance with the terms of the Lend-Lease Agreement signed on January 16, 194218 by representatives of the Republic of Costa Rica and the United States of America.

It will be noted that there were no charges during the period under reference and that charges through May 31, 1946 aggregate the grand total of $151,967.52. Of this grand total the sum of $82,000 represents the appropriate percentage due on account from Your Excellency’s Government under the terms specified in the Agreement. This Department requested payment of this sum, the same sum that was due at that time, in its note of September 4, 1945, and again in its notes of January 11, 1946, April 10, 1946, and September 26, 1946.19 Similar requests for payment were submitted in notes dated July 14, 1944, November 28, 1944, March 21, 1945, and June 12, 1945.19 No payments have been received to date.

I bring this matter most earnestly to the attention of Your Excellency’s Government in the hope that there may be received as soon as possible from the Government of Costa Rica a check in the amount of $82,000, which would cover sums due including arrears. Such a check should be drawn to the order of the “Treasurer of the United States” and should be sent to this Department for appropriate disposition.

It is requested that the enclosed statement and supporting schedules be treated by Your Excellency’s Government on a most confidential basis.

Accept [etc.]

For the Acting Secretary of State:
Spruille Braden
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