811.72 TCC/8–2646: Airgram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Colombia (Wiley)


A–270. For confidential information Telecommunications Attachés following statement is transmitted stating general policy on diplomatic or financial assistance to United States communications companies abroad. Comments of the Telecommunications Attachés and others are solicited. It is for use in connection with the quarterly policy statements and was approved by the Telecommunications Coordinating Committee, June 26, 1946:

“General policy on diplomatic or financial assistance to United States companies seeking to develop or conduct communication operations with or in foreign countries.

In meritorious cases where the FCC has authorized the establishment of a circuit or has indicated that it believes the establishment of a circuit to be desirable, the United States Government should assist diplomatically United States communications companies to establish or maintain communications circuits with foreign countries on a non-exclusive basis.
The policy of the United States should be to favor the development and conduct within foreign countries of communication services controlled by their own nationals. The United States should not adopt a general policy of aiding United States companies to develop or participate in internal communication operations within foreign countries. However:
In meritorious cases the United States Government should assist, through loans to governments, the procurement of United States communications equipment by foreign countries. One of the results would be promotion of standardization and improvement in communication service within the foreign country and between the United States and the foreign country involved.
Where foreign countries desire the technical assistance of outside companies for the establishment and administration of their internal communication systems, the United States in individual meritorious cases may properly assist United States companies diplomatically and financially—if adequate funds are not available from other sources on reasonable terms—provided that in making arrangements between the United States company and foreign enterprises, nothing shall be done by the United States company to discourage equal opportunity to all competing companies on a nonexclusive basis either to supply equipment or to bid for the provision of services.”