711.2127/5–2546: Telegram

The Ambassador in Colombia (Wiley) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

371. I have sent Dept despatch enclosing copy of note dated May 1055 received from Minister Foreign Affairs,56 whereby Minister invokes Colombian American air agreement 1929 and emphasizes that while Colombia has permitted US companies operate Colombia on basis this agreement corresponding permits for operations in US of Colombian TACA and Avianca companies have so far not been granted. Note states Colombian Govt expects US will grant reciprocal privileges under agreement to TACA and Avianca and adds significantly that “the maintenance and development of commercial aviation between Colombia and US depends in opinion of my Govt on harmonious interpretation of the Olaya-Kellogg agreement which obligates the two countries equally and under entire reciprocity in the application of these provisions.”

Ministry has not answered two Embassy notes of last Oct and Nov57 forwarding proposed text of new Colombian American air agreement and I am attempting ascertain before my departure position of Colombian Govt in relation continuing negotiations for new agreement.

However, I believe Colombian Govt is unsympathetic with CAB difficulties and delays in processing pending Colombian applications as in Colombia commercial treaty rights take precedence over subsequent laws and it is undoubtedly felt here that US laws after 1929 should not be allowed to prejudice concession of reciprocal rights to Colombia as long as present treaty is in effect.

Unless Dept can promptly provide me with assurances of favorable action on Colombian applications I have reason to believe there may be some reprisals here.

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  2. Fernando Londoño y Londoño.
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