Memorandum by Mr. Leo G. Cyr of the Aviation Division to the Acting Assistant Chief of the Division of American Republics Analysis and Liaison (Halle)


Reference your chit of February 14,43 requesting whether AV can supply the answers to the questions raised by Mr. Briggs44 in his attached note. Mr. Briggs’ questions are answered in order, as follows:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

5. AV is not in a position to state what military rights may be desired in airfields in Colombia.45

By virtue of an exchange of notes signed in 192946 by the Governments of the United States and Colombia, American commercial aircraft enjoy the right “to fly along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Colombia and over the territory immediately adjacent thereto; to land on land or water, fuel, make repairs, and ship and discharge passengers, mail, and cargo in the Atlantic and Pacific ports of Colombia where there are authorities charged with carrying out the pertinent regulations, subject to regulations and provisions equivalent to those established for commercial aircraft of Colombian registry in the enclosures to this note.”

The United States government has proposed a new bilateral agreement to Colombia, but it appears that the Colombians want to exercise reciprocal rights under the 1929 agreement first. Two applications for certificates of public convenience and necessity have been filed with CAB by Colombian carriers, under the 1929 agreement.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Ellis O. Briggs, Director of the Office of American Republic Affairs.
  3. A marginal note reads: “Sec War’s letter of 2/19/46 indicated no military rights at Soledad desired by J. C. S. L. J. H[alle].”
  4. Foreign Relations, 1929, vol. ii, pp. 882884.