821.00/11–846: Telegram

The Ambassador in Colombia ( Wiley ) to the Secretary of State


767. Following sent Panama: Labor political situation in Colombia passing through very crucial period. Street disturbances are occurring in several cities including Bogotá and Cali. National police not equipped to cope with situation. They have placed order for antiriot weapons in US October 29. Supplies cannot arrive in time to cope with general strike scheduled November 15. Suggest you confer with CGCDC with view of obtaining loan to Colombian Government of any or all of following supplies on order: 1500 gas masks, 200 long range and 100 short range gas riot guns, 4000 tear gas grenades, 2000 cartridges for long range gas riot guns, 1000 for short range, 300 jackets fitted for carrying grenades and gas cartridges. Foregoing to be replaced upon receipt of shipment from US. Reasonable substitutes authorized. Military Attaché concurs in above.26

  1. In telegram 562, November 11, 1946, 2 p.m. to Bogotá, the Department endorsed this recommendation and indicated that grenades and masks would be sent from Panama (821.00/11-846).