821.248/2–1546: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Colombia (Wiley)

u.s. urgent

109. Urtel 135, Feb. 15.22 Situation regarding interim allocation military aircraft to Colombia is as follows: [Page 657]

Braden and Gen. Arnold agreed on allocation of 62 planes listed Deptel 24, Jan. 11, subject to (a) your concurrence and (b) wishes of Colombian Govt.
Gen. Arnold while in Bogotá agreed with Colombian authorities that 40 planes listed urtel 72, Jan. 21 would be delivered by April 30. War Dept clearly understands that, if you approve, remaining 22 aircraft would still be offered to Colombia in interim allocation although delivery might be after April 30.
Dept wishes shortly to inform Colombians here of total number of aircraft available for their purchase if they so desire. Expected that actual transfer and delivery all planes would extend over several months, depending upon number Colombians decide to buy and their capacity to receive them.
You have approved 40 planes listed urtel 72, Jan. 21. (Note: total is 40 not 42 because PBY’s and OA’s are alternative designations for same planes.)
Dept desires your approval or disapproval of total of 62 aircraft originally agreed for interim allocation (Deptel 24, Jan. 11) before Dept informs Colombians how many planes are available for their purchase as under point 3 above.

For your info. War Dept anxious offer entire list of 62 planes now. Any further allocations, beyond interim program now under discussion, will be made only after further consideration of entire military program by War, Navy and State Depts.

Please cable your approval list of 62 planes urgently or indicate modifications you consider essential.

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