740.00112 A EW/6–546: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Diplomatic Representatives in the American Republics


Dept believes other American Republics should be given advance notice of possible withdrawal of PL so that they can if necessary make adjustments in their local controls. Pls inform Government to which you are accredited for its secret info that this Govts present plan is to completely withdraw PL for all countries on or about June 30.

You shd emphasize such action if taken shd not be interpreted as loss of interest in local controls programs of various countries nor in question of ultimate disposition of Axis assets. Dept feels these programs shd continue on basis of Inter-Amer commitments and best interests of each Amer Republic. Public announcement to this effect will be made when withdrawal occurs.

You shd correlate your discussion of this matter with any recent approaches you have made regarding completion Replacement Program. You might e.g. state we have confidence that Govt will make good its Inter-Amer commitments and complete Replacement Program. You cld further point out that though PL is withdrawn firms not deleted from List on basis of merit or subsequently cleaned up would have great difficulty obtaining Amer agencies (Dept press release 202 Mar 29, cirins Mar 2013).

Also stress importance of keeping possible withdrawal secret.

  1. Latter not printed.