740.00112A E.W./3–2946

Press Release Issued by the Department of State, March 29, 1946

It is and will continue to be the avowed policy of this Government to apply a vigorous enforcement program against dealing with persons and firms on the Proclaimed List of Certain Blocked Nationals. Failure to obtain a Treasury license before engaging in trade or communication with such persons and firms constitutes a violation of the Trading with the Enemy Act4 and regulations issued thereunder, and subjects the offender to severe penalties. Recent revisions of the Proclaimed List do not in any way lessen the obligations of persons and firms subject to the jurisdiction of the United States to observe all the regulations relating to the List.

It already has been pointed out that many of the recent deletions from the Proclaimed List were made as a result of the changed security situation and that such deletions did not by any means imply that all deleted firms now are satisfactory representatives for American business. In this connection, American businessmen are cautioned not to establish or resume commercial or financial relations abroad with ex-Proclaimed List nationals before checking with the Commercial Intelligence Branch of the Department of Commerce as to the desirability of such relations. Business connections with former Proclaimed List individuals and firms, except those who have been deleted from the Proclaimed List without prejudice, would have to be a factor considered in cases arising for the protection of American interests abroad. While our Government always will protect the legitimate rights and interests of American business abroad, it would not wish to take any action which would assist those who formerly had worked against our vital national interests and who might do so again if opportunity offered.

The Department of Commerce is prepared to supply information about the local standing of persons and firms, including those previously listed, and to submit detailed information about the suitability of these and other foreign firms and individuals as trade connections from a commercial and mercantile standpoint.

  1. Of October 6, 1917 (40 Stat. 411), and subsequent amendments.