825.248/1–1646: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Chile (Bowers)

us urgent

42. Reference your 66, Jan. 16. You are authorized to inform Chilean Govt of allocation of aircraft contained Depts tel 30, Jan. 11. In so doing you should avoid any reference to “interim” program or any other implication that would tend to commit this govt to further transfers. A word of caution would also be desirable to effect that certain types of planes are in very short supply and that some substitutions may be necessary.

You should also mention that technical and legal questions of procedure governing transfer and of price are not yet clarified so no assurance can be given on delivery date.

Dept is urgently seeking clarification these questions with other agencies concerned here.

On General Arnold’s arrival you should inform him of the foregoing and of your conversations with Chilean officials since he will of course wish to coordinate his information with yours.