832.011/5–3146: Telegram

The Chargé in Brazil (Daniels) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

1014. This afternoon Minister Rubens de Mello of Foreign Office told me he had been named by President Dutra to a committee to study those sections of new draft constitution, just submitted to Constituent Assembly for debate, having to do with question of foreign capital investment in Brazil. He said that policy of Foreign Office and President was to encourage entry of foreign capital into Brazil. He said he would like to have from me a “personal” letter giving my frank views as to the clauses in draft constitution now under consideration bearing on this. I replied that I was reluctant to give him any document commenting on the draft constitution which might prove to be embarrassing either to him or the Foreign Office, or to the Embassy or my Government. I added that I had heard doubts expressed in some quarters regarding drafting of certain articles, including the one relating to development of petroleum industry, but hesitated to make any comments in writing without specific authorization from Department.86

Rubens de Mello assured me that a “personal” letter to him for use by his committee would not be embarrassing, and that I could commence it by stating that it was in response to his request. He said such a letter, to be of maximum use, should be received by him not later than Saturday, June 8. My own view is that handled in this way the possible advantages of such a letter would outweigh the possible risks involved, and accordingly recommend I be given immediate telegraphic authorization to take this step. There will be time to cable full text of letter to Department for approval, which I shall do upon receipt of Department’s instructions.

  1. In telegram 732, June 1, 1946, noon, to Rio de Janeiro, the Secretary forwarded authorization to address a personal letter to Mello (832.011/5–3146).