832.6363/3–2946: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Charge in Brazil (Daniels)


435. Urdes 4326, Feb 25,78 Embtel 593, Mar. 29. Dept has consistently advocated access by all peoples on equal terms to trade and raw materials of world. See Atlantic Charter,79 Economic Charter of [Page 541]Americas80 and Proposals for Expansion World Trade and Employment (i.e. proposed International Trade Organization). It has pledged itself as did other American Republics at Chapultepec to this principle, to equality of opportunity for national and foreign capital and to elimination of all forms of discrimination inconsistent with these ends. It seeks for its nationals no preferential treatment with respect to foregoing and would consider extension preferential treatment to other nationals incompatible with pledges given at Chapultepec.

Dept is most hopeful that Braz Govt will, in considering modification present laws and constitution, bring into alignment those provisions now inconsistent with commitments abovementioned.

Emb is authorized to discuss matter informally with Braz authorities within above framework.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Joint Statement by President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill, August 14, 1941, Foreign Relations, 1941, vol. i, p. 367.
  3. Resolution 51 of the Inter-American Conference on Problems of War and Peace was approved as the Economic Charter of the Americas.