The Department of State to the Brazilian Embassy


Reference is made to the Brazilian Embassy’s memorandum No. SN/842.31(42) (22) dated April 23, 1946, stating the position of the Brazilian Government with regard to disposal by the United States War Department of 500,000 bags of Brazilian green coffee which are surplus to present and future military requirements.

The Brazilian Government’s position was communicated to the War Department on April 26, 1946 with a request that disposal of the coffee in question be postponed until after termination of the United States coffee import subsidy program, June 30, 1946, in deference to the Brazilian Government’s preference for this procedure. It was felt, however, by officers of this Department, that if, in the judgment of the agencies of this Government responsible for supply, the coffee supply situation in this country should become such as to require the use of these stocks for the domestic civilian market before that date, the timing of the disposal of the coffee should be reconsidered.

The War Department was informed that it would be notified should such a contingency arise. The Brazilian Embassy would also receive notification.

On May 17 [14], 1946 a response44 was received from the War Department stating that after consultation with other interested agencies of this Government, it is able to give assurances that the coffee in question will not be declared surplus before June 30, 1946 unless notification is received from the Department of State that earlier disposal is considered desirable.

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