832.61333/1–2446: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil (Berle)


192. Reurtel 173, Jan. 24. Dept has just sent letter to Bowles30 advocating no reduction in our present buying prices for coffee in producing countries. Since seven-eighths subsidy coffee already purchased Dept pressing for prompt action to avoid hiatus in flow coffee here. Indications are that Agriculture will support our position and it is probable OPA will too. However, Office Economic Stabilization may have to be sold even on Dept’s program.

Embassy will be promptly informed when Collet31 makes final decision.

Urgent that this information be kept confidential. Please do not convey it even to other American Embassies.

  1. Chester Bowles, Administrator, Office of Price Administration.
  2. John C. Collet, Director of the Office of Economic Stabilization.