732.5607/10–746: Telegram

The Chargé in Brazil ( Daniels ) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

1718. Negotiations now underway here between Brazil and Netherlands for bilateral air route agreement. Dutch have proposed and Brazilians have accepted direct route from Europe to South America via Lisbon, Natal, Rio to Buenos Aires. However, Dutch have likewise proposed route from Curaçao to Paramaribo, Belém, Rio and Buenos Aires. Latter route falls entirely within American continental territory and route from Belém south already is being and will be adequately serviced by air carriers of the American Republics. This morning Brigadeiro Cunha Machado consulted me regarding this Dutch proposal with view to ascertaining views of United States Government. He pointed out following considerations:

If Dutch are given route from Caribbean area via Belém to Buenos Aires the English and French might make similar request and with equal logic, which would lead to overcrowding of this route not only in general but particularly by airlines of non-American countries.
That Dutch interests in the Caribbean area (the same as British and French) were colonial and of a relatively minor character which should be connected logically with their home countries but not necessarily serve as a base of operations southward to American countries.

Brigadeiro Cunha Machado indicated Brazil would refrain from final decision in the matter pending expression our views. I have thanked him for his courtesy and cooperation in consulting us on this point and urge that views of Department and CAB be telegraphed urgently so that they may be taken into consideration by Brazilian Government in pending negotiations with Dutch.