The Ambassador in Brazil ( Pawley ) to the Secretary of State

No. 162

Sir: I have the honor to enclose a copy and translation of a note dated June 17, 1946 (received by the Embassy on July 3, 1946) transmitting a proposed memorandum of agreement82 providing for the [Page 473] establishment of an American Civil Aviation Technical Mission in Brazil. It will be observed that the Minister of Foreign Affairs requests that this text be submitted to the United States Government, in order that necessary negotiations may be undertaken to create the aforesaid Mission.

The text transmitted herewith is based on the draft submitted under cover of the Department’s instruction No. 7814 of February 4, 1946, modified subsequently as a result of discussions between the Embassy and the Brazilian officials. The major changes were for the purpose of deleting from the memorandum of agreement clauses involving specific expenditures for which the Ministry of Air at this time is unable to accept financial responsibility. While the draft memorandum of agreement transmitted herewith is not necessarily perfect in all respects, the Embassy considers that it affords an adequate basis for establishing a Civil Aviation Mission in Brazil, and it is recommended that the Department authorize the Embassy to address a note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs accepting this proposal, and thereafter proceed in collaboration with the Civil Aeronautics Administration to place it into immediate operation. Mr. Cloyce J. Tippett, representative in Rio of the Civil Aeronautics Administration, concurs in this recommendation. In this connection the Department’s attention is invited to the fact that under Section 5 of the memorandum of agreement changes may be effected at any time by mutual agreement between the two Governments through an exchange of notes.

Respectfully yours,

William D. Pawley
  1. Neither printed.