500.C115 Mexico City/3–2946: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Mexico (Messersmith)


311. It is possible that credentials Argentine delegates to ILO Conference will be challenged. Dept’s views are:

U.S. delegates should not take initiative in raising question.
If credentials Arg workers or employers delegates, or both of them, are challenged and it appears necessary for US delegates to make statement, they should at an appropriate time and in their discretion state that credentials requirements are governed by terms of ILO Constitution; and that only question is whether they were chosen in consultation with most representative organizations.
If credentials Arg Government delegate challenged and statement by US delegates appears necessary they should at appropriate time and in their discretion state that question is governed by ILO Constitution which apparently contains no exception to provision that a member of organization is entitled to two Govt delegates.
US delegates should attempt to stay off any committee which will be required to pass on credentials.
If question of seating Arg workers or employers delegates reaches vote US delegates should vote with majority unless majority vote contrary to undisputed evidence on decisive fact question.
If question of seating Arg Govt delegate reaches vote US delegates should abstain.
US Govt delegates are Senator Chavez,1 Chairman, and Verne Zimmer.2 US employers delegate is David Zellerbach.3 US workers delegate is George Meany of AFL.
Dept’s views not binding on US workers and employers delegates and Senator Chavez has indicated his intention of reaching independent decision on above questions. You may, however, inform all US delegates of foregoing views and of following information.
No Arg employers delegates thus far named. Arg Govt delegates are Ricardo Riguera and Carlos R. Desmaras, President and General Secretary of National Institute of Social Welfare, and both supporters of Perón.4 Arg workers delegate is either Anselmo Delfino Malvicini of Unión Ferroviarios or Libertario Ferrari of Unión Obreros del Estado, both of whom are members administrative committee of pro-Perón Confederación General de Trabajadores. Both workers delegates apparently named by CGT at instance of Desmaras without intervention of Arg Secretariat of Labor, and without consultation with other unions.
For latest estimates of membership of Arg labor unions see BA Tel 875 Mar 27 repeated to you as Deptel 307 Mar 29.5
Please keep Dept fully informed.

  1. Senator Dennis Chavez of New Mexico, member of the Education and Labor Committee of the Senate.
  2. Verne A. Zimmer, Division of Labor Standards of the Department of State.
  3. James David Zellerbach, president, Crown Zellerbach Corporation.
  4. Juan Perón. President-elect of Argentina.
  5. Not printed.