832.76/6–446: Telegrams

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil ( Pawley )


885. Emb. desp. 5216 June 4. It was Depts understanding Navy had requested you obtain extension right to operate Recife radio direction finder station. If no action yet taken pls approach Braz Govt in effort obtain consent, preferably in writing, to continued use this station for indefinite period or for as long a time as possible.

Chief Naval Operations has authorized Naval Attaché Rio abandon fixed installations Belém and Bahia stations and you may support your request by presenting these installations to Braz Govt (Emb Airgram A–512 May 2247). Naval Attaché has also been authorized declare equipment at Belém and Bahia stations to FLC as surplus. (Deptel 847 June 2447). Only if necessary to clinch right to continue operation at Recife you are authorized arrange with FLC Bio for negotiation transfer this equipment to Braz Govt without cost but in this case Navy must arrange reimbursement to FLC of appraised value equipment transferred.

Consult with Gen. Miller48 as to desirability making this approach prior conclusion of bulk sale.

Keep Dept currently informed.

  1. Not printed.
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  3. Representative of the Foreign Liquidation Commission in Brazil.