The Assistant Secretary of State for American Republic Affairs ( Braden ) to the Secretary of the Governing Board of the Pan American Union ( De Alba )

My Dear Dr. de Alba: In your letter of April 12,12 you refer to the suggestion made to the Governing Board at its meeting of April 10 by the representative of Colombia, on behalf of his Government, that the Ninth International Conference of American States, now scheduled for next December, be postponed to some time in 1947, the exact date to be determined by the Governing Board in consultation with the Government of Colombia. In accordance with a decision of the Governing Board, you inquire whether my Government would be agreeable to the contemplated postponement.

My Government favors holding the next Conference at the earliest practicable date, having in mind especially, problems that will remain unresolved until that Conference has met and taken action upon them. Under Resolution IX, referred to above, the Ninth Conference is charged, specifically and by implication, with the responsibility of reorganizing, consolidating and strengthening the inter-American system. A measure of uncertainty with respect to the agencies and the operation of the system will naturally prevail until this responsibility has been discharged.

My Government accepts the judgment of the Government of Colombia that it is not practicable to hold the conference before some time in 1947 and, therefore, agrees to the suggested postponement. In doing so, however, it emphasizes its view, which it feels sure the Government of Colombia will share, of the importance of holding the Conference as soon as it becomes practicable to do so.

Sincerely yours,

Spruille Braden
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