740.24112 RP/12–1846: Telegram

The Ambassador in Bolivia ( Flack ) to the Secretary of State


1138. Foreign Office proposes promulgate decree eliminating existing restrictions against all Axis firms and other PL firms and names except 11 spearheads. Proposed decree as forwarded with despatch No. 575, November 13,27 modified by adding 11 firms to article I to be exempted from its provisions. These are Juan Eisner and Company, Fábrica de Conservas de Jorge Stege, Ferretería Findel, Kyllman Bauery and Company, Oculargum, Quidde and Company, Gustavo Schomann and Company, Schweitzer and Company, Sickinger and Company, Zeller Mozeru and Company, and Casa Gundlach. Latter which Embassy suggested be excluded pending Department’s instructions was included upon recommendation of sub-secretary.

Article II modified by provision that funds shall remain blocked until damages to Bolivia satisfied and claims of United Nations met with balance.

Bolivia willing to discuss expropriation of 11 spearhead firms exempted from the lease from restrictions by proposed decree. Does Department concur in list? No reply yet received to Embtel 1125, December 13 nor to despatch 575, November 13.28 Instructions requested before Embassy takes further action. Tentative next meeting scheduled for December 24.

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