740.24112 RP/8–2646: Airgram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Bolivia (Flack)


A–265. Mr. Hermann Barger arrived in Washington recently and called at the Division of Economic Security Controls to discuss the status of the Bolivian Replacement Program. Mr. Barger stated that, before leaving La Paz, he had had the opportunity to meet Mr. Spencer M. King,21 and had been able to pass on to Mr. King certain information with regard to the Program.

It is hoped that the recent change of government22 in Bolivia may result in increased cooperation between this Government and the [Page 415] Government of Bolivia in the Replacement Program, which the Department considers to be of great importance, and that the new regime may exhibit an earnest interest in the elimination of Axis assets and influence. If that should be the case, it would be regarded as a singular opportunity for making significant progress in bringing the Replacement Program to a successful conclusion.

  1. Third Secretary of Embassy and Vice Consul at La Paz.
  2. For documentation on the overthrow of the Government, see pp. 340 ff.