103.9151: Telegram

The Ambassador in Bolivia ( Flack ) to the Secretary of State


970. Corson80 RDC Munro.81 Interviewed Minister Agriculture82 today with members Embassy present. Minister agreed:

Bolivian Government would give written approval development fund obligations of RDC terminated.
Bolivian Government authorized RDC deduct price premiums due from Banco Agrícola from 1945 volume premiums.
Balance of available 1945 and all 1946 volume premiums to be paid to producers which will help loan collections.
RDC to ignore request to terminate rubber agreement since request originated from another uninformed ministry.

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Minister anxious cooperate fully RDC and extremely helpful. Requests additional 250 ton export quota immediately. Strongly recommend we agree since agreement will accelerate Minister’s actions referred to above and will save United States money. Embassy concurs.

  1. H. G. Corson, vice president, Rubber Development Corporation.
  2. H. H. H. Munro, representative in Bolivia of the Rubber Development Corporation.
  3. José Saavedra Suárez.