Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State for American Republic Affairs (Braden)1


The Bogotá Conference scheduled for the end of this year has every indication of being extremely important and incidentally complicated in that it will take up a number of very important subjects, not the least of which is the reorganization of the Pan American Union. Very careful preparation will therefore be necessary, and I feel that no time should be lost in assigning some one officer under Mr. Dreier’s immediate direction and, if needs be, working with a committee to prepare our instructions on all of the various points of the agenda which may be presented (perhaps we can use some of McCormack’s2 research people on this).

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Spruille Braden
  1. Addressed to Mr. Ellis O. Briggs, Director of the Office of American Republic Affairs, and to Mr. John C. Dreier, Chief of the Division of American Republics Analysis and Liaison.
  2. Alfred McCormack, Special Assistant to the Secretary of State in Charge of Research and Intelligence.