824.00/7–1846: Telegram

The Ambassador in Bolivia (Flack) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

671. President spoke on radio at noon saying Government was in full control and blamed subversive movement on Rosca.34 Sporadic shooting continues and streets are so dangerous I have so far held [Page 357]entire staff in building. Two municipal armed policemen again invaded building and succeeded in reaching roof. I have already protested this by telephone and intend to follow up with note.

Three known killed, toll may be higher. There appears to be little coordination among Government forces with Army again playing negative role. Armed (rifle) pro-Government civilians have again appeared in streets. Not more than a dozen students of 400 demonstrating have arms and they are pistols. Student riot also unorganized.

Send copies War Department and FBI.

  1. Term applied to capitalist enterprises or vested interests.