824.00/6–2246: Telegram

The Chargé in Bolivia (Adam) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

574. Just handed memo accusing US of unfriendly attitude based on Corps meeting. Told FonMin meeting was preliminary and secret and he was basing protest on information he had no right to possess. Further that I was a professional diplomat who rendered the most objective reports I knew how and followed and will continue to follow any instructions I receive to the letter. Further that the Corps has unquestioned right to meet as it wishes and we are meeting again Monday (postponed from Saturday) and any protest based on such a meeting before action agreed upon was decidedly premature. He said Dept was taking sides against Govt possibly influenced by anti-Govt visitors and that circularizing other FonOffs was an open enough action on which to base his protest. Ended by stating my admiration of Pinto personally and hoped nothing would disturb our really excellent personal relations.

Meanwhile to the best of my knowledge prison beatings continue and I am practically positive the one outstanding and fair judge in Bolivia Monje, President La Paz Supreme District Court, is in prison. Also nothing has been done about our protest over police entering premises.

Cancelled my courier trip to Arequipa.

Presidential notice today’s paper promises strict legality in punishing conspirators. Many lives have probably been saved because of Corps awareness over past 10 days.