824.00/6–1946: Telegram

The Chargé in Bolivia (Adam) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

559. The full Diplomatic Corps met at Venezuelan Embassy this afternoon. I gave in Spanish the sense of Deptel 329. In ensuing discussion Argentine Chargé24 constantly endeavored to put over point that there had been no violence. He was successful. He was aided by the Dean who got completely hysterical and shouted wildly “I am the Dean and I state that no violence took place in Bolivia—nothing happened here”. The Chilean Ambassador25 took most heated opposition saying “that may be your opinion but I have informed my Govt that many things have happened here”.

Out of the welter of discussion which it is of no use to repeat, it was decided that this amounted to a consultation among the American Republics under the terms of Chapultepec.26 As there was obviously no chance of agreeing on the violence issue it was finally resolved that each Chief of Mission would consult his FonOff on the sole issue of freedom of the press.

There was general agreement with no voice raised in opposition that there was now no freedom of the press in Bolivia. Once a sufficient number of Chiefs of Mission have received instructions from their respective FonOffs we will meet again and decide on whether there will be a formal representation to the Bolivian Govt on this one issue or not.

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