824.00/6–1446: Telegram

The Chargé in Bolivia (Adam) to the Secretary of State


533. Jack Neathery11 did unusually fine job this morning on Panagra matter. He succeeded in getting guarantees from responsible quarters that planes would not be bothered, permission to use their communication system and the passengers’ bus back.

Planes have now landed and there is no reason to expect further difficulties. Sum total trouble caused Panagra by revolution was one plane rerouted via Antofagasta to Salta.

Paz Estenssoro12 told Neathery, Grace and Company was a haven of anti-Government people and he was contemplating a protest to US Government. I assisted Ernesto Aranibar13 to escape to Brazilian Embassy this morning and he is of opinion American citizen manager for Grace is essential. I agree.

  1. United States Commercial Attaché.
  2. Victor Paz Estenssoro, Bolivian Minister of Finance and Chief of the M.N.R.
  3. General Manager of Pan American Grace Airways in Bolivia.